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Right now I don’t want to complain about WordPress. I’ve got another post to do that. I want to get right into the theory.

Who owned Winn Dixie?

Obviously now it’s the girl. But someone owned him before her and was such a crappy owner that Winnie wan away.

Of course, I, the all knowing Purple Squirrel, answered this question with…(wait for it…wait for it…) a fan theory! (Surprise!) Plus, it’s a bit sad…

 Just keep in mind that I forgot the names of the characters.

Yeah it’s the librarian.

Obviously the librarian loves to read. Probably read to W.D a lot. In the movie he likes getting read to.

Librarian met a bear and threw a bunch of books at it, making it run away. I think the bear was Winnie. Winnie did something bad, and librarian was angry at him, threw books, then Winnie wan away. Sad, right?

Plus, look closely at a photo in the background of the library and you can see a silhouette of the dawg himself!

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Plus that peanuts character is me?

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  1. Ubuntu VPS May 13, 2016 at 11:22 AM

    A pretty hot rumor from earlier this week seemed to have tapered off — practically taking off the table a deal that may have put 27 Central Florida Winn-Dixie stores under the ownership of national grocery giant Kroger Co.

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