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If you look into my head right now you can see my anger at the Blue Jays for losing horribly, my school project, Joy being murdered by the rest of the Pixar emotions, and a desperate search for a theory on a Halloween-ish movie. If you have any suggestions, comment your comment in the comments.

The Trunchbull is a genius

First of all, she always blames Matilda for the incidences no one would guess she did. (Ex: Knocking over a glass of water with her mind) 

And then she is too strong for an average woman (Then again Matilda is too smart for an average girl). Which makes me think that she’s holding on to the heavy thing and moving it with her mind.

…Well, that was quick. Oh well. Next Sunday is the final episode of Movie Month

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Purple Squirrel is the alter ego of Sid. The 11 year old rodent boy with a taste for conspiracy theories.

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  1. link June 15, 2016 at 2:55 PM

    Once Miss Trunchbull is deposed, Matilda gets moved up to the top-level classes. Unfortunately, now that she’s using her brain to the fullest, she can’t use telekinesis anymore. Realizing that has her first confused, but then relieved that she’s not “a miracle” anymore.

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