Disney-the Illuminati theory

//Disney-the Illuminati theory

Waddup. I am He-Man the scary shirtless man.

I have absolutely no actual real conspiracy theories on my blog. They were fantheories. All of them. This is a true conspiracy that will ruin how you look at your favourite animated movies.


Disney is one with the Illuminati 

I’m not just talking about the Ask about the Illuminati poster in the one short. This is a huge thing.

To start, every original main Disney character name has the letter I in it, except Bolt, but he can be excused, as his mortal enemy’s name focuses on one of his eyes. Illuminati, much?

Another exception is Judy from the newest instalment from Disney, Zootopia. Originally, the main character was going to be Nick Wylde. Now, even though the letter I is in Nick, I want to look at his last name, Wylde. Wylde, of course, is a play on the word wild, with an I. Wylde replaces I with Y, as in Why?, as in Whay did I do that? See where I’m going? I (eye) to Y (Why?). But, Y?

The answer is in Disney’s  by far best tv series, Gravity Falls. By the end of the series, Bill Cypher, the guy who looks like the All-seeing eye, is depicted as a villain. So, because of Alex Hirch, Disney got booted out of the Illuminati. Oh, Al.

And before you start pointing out that Woody or Wall-e don’t have the letter I in their names, I don’t think Pixar is in this thing. I tried to do something like every Pixar movie title starts with a letter in the word ILLUMINATI, but that theory ended shortly (Finding Nemo).

Comment what you thought of this theory and suggest what to do for another theory. Be sure to catch my next post the Sunday after next Sunday and deal with it if it’s late (again).

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